5 Items Every House Should Have

A man’s home is his castle – so why not make it the cosiest place to live in? The right home accessories will make your house more polished and organised, improve your interior aesthetics and boost your mood. Here are five must-have items for a house with style and substance.

Storage Boxes

Source: Notey

Storage boxes are not only practical and useful, but they also could add personality to your house. Mix and match the colour, material and design with your shelf for a great, unique look.


Indoor Plants

It is well-known now that indoor plants have positive effects on your productivity, health and wellbeing, so why not give it a try? If you’re feeling adventurous (and space permits), get a tall houseplant that will make your house feel more permanent.



Source: Gamfratesi / Dezeen

Besides being a place to put your coffee cups on, trays can also add sophistication to the room. Opt for heavier materials such as marble, wood or leather.



Source: The French Bedroom Company

More comfortable and stylish than a simple stool, but doesn’t take as much space as sofa. You can put it anywhere you’d like, too – from the living room to the end of your bed.



Well, would you look at the time? Clocks are certainly functional, but the design could also be versatile – from classic to eccentric. If you’d rather not put a wall clock, a desk one will do fine, too.