Construction Craft Ideas for Kids

If you have any little ones at home who enjoy their crafternoons, or a primary school teacher hungry for craft ideas, we have a few “Construction” themed craft ideas inspired by Pinterest. Teaching kids to understand engineering and construction at a young age through arts and crafts help them to build and develop their skills in building and creative thinking.

Let your small excavators put themselves in the shoes of a construction worker and teach them about the different types of tools, vehicles, uniforms and gear construction workers use. Check out these feet paintings from “the Keeper of Cheerios”.


Wooden models
Using popsicle sticks, pegs, sticky tape, let your kids create their model buildings. Give them pictures from magazines or google images from the internet or let them replicate a building from real life to give them an understanding of the architecture behind a building structure.


Construction Cones
Create traffic cones around your house during play time using plastic cups and painting them  with orange and white stripes.


Road Construction Pretend Play
Teach your kids the important of stop and go with road construction games. Allocate one of your children as the role of a construction worker and the other as a pedestrian, using “slow” and “stop signs”. Be creative and dress them up in construction gear to make the play more realistic and authentic so they are able to understand the experience.

Source: Still Playing School


Ideas: from Pinterest