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DIY: Basket Gift Ideas

With Christmas approaching in two months, buying gifts becomes an imperative. Rather than buying a single product, why not try basket gifts that you could personalize and decorate? Here’s a few ideas for your basket gifts purposes:

  • Food basket
Source: Buff Strickland / DIY Network
Source: Buff Strickland / DIY Network

Have a friend who loves cooking, is a coffee connoisseur, or just simply a foodie? Put in all things food-related in the basket. For example, you could get the cheese fans a basket of crackers, salami, specialized knives, wines and boards alongside some varieties of cheese. For baking aficionados, you could try getting utensils and aprons along with spices and cocoa powder.

  • Craft-themed basket
A Girl and A Glue Gun
Source: A Girl and A Glue Gun

For all your craft-loving mates, you can get some DIY soap, needle and thread, a set of markers and more along with your very own customized, handwritten letters. Tip: You can also ditch the “basket” altogether and opt for a craftier container, such as giant socks or knitted bags!

  • “Pamper yourself” basket
pamper basket
Source: DIYhomedecorguide

Nothing is quite as delightful as a reminder to relax and take it slow on holidays. For your workaholic friends, pack up a basket of body scrub, loofahs, brushes, scented candles and fresh towels!

  • Fun basket
Fun Basket
Source: A Girl and A Glue Gun

Because Christmas is the time to gather with your loved ones, a gift that allows you to share it with others would be perfect. Get social with a basket full of card and board games, recreational park vouchers, and snacks to share with others!


These are just some of gift basket ideas – be creative and try make one of your own! What would you give to your loved ones this holiday?