DIY: Spring Cleaning 101

Have you done your annual deep cleaning session this year? While the thought of scrubbing the bathroom floor or washing the curtains might not be very appealing, spring cleaning is important to keep your living area fresh and hygienic. If you’re not the domestic type, or never use a vacuum in your life, do not worry – everyone has to begin somewhere, and this post will help you to do just that. Here are a few tips to get you started…

Get a List

Preparing a to-do list helps you in many ways: it lets you know what needs to be done (and what equipment to get), and it serves as a checklist so that you won’t forget any task. There are a lot of lists that you can look up/download on the Net, but here are my favourites: UfYH’s Cleaning Checklists and House Beautiful’s Things You Should Deep Clean This Spring.

Clean the Cleaners

Yes, you need to clean your cleaning equipment too. It’s important to do this before you start, so that the dirt from your broom/wipe/mop/vacuum cleaner is not distributed to other places.

Open the Windows

Opening the windows while cleaning not only helps get some fresh air circulating, but also allows strong smell from some cleaners to get out.


Have a pile of DVDs you never watch, old decorative souvenirs without any special memories, or leftover cardboard boxes? Either put them away in some racks or cupboards, recycle, sell, or simply throw them away. This will allow more free space and a cleaner, more comfortable living area.

Keep It Clean After

Deep cleaning is great to get every inch of your house sorted out, but it’s also important to maintain a healthy habit for your day-to-day life. Do your dishes as soon as possible, put away clothes right after they’re laundered, don’t pile unnecessary things in open area, and spend a good 10 minutes per day just to do mini-cleaning – for example, wiping up your work table or rubbing the insides of the microwave. This will not only keep your space nice and fresh, but also make your next deep cleaning session easier too!