Fun Activities for Your Tech-Free Nights

Looking for a fun night without screens? Technology detox can not only refresh your mind and help you relax, but also allow more quality time with your loved ones. Here are a few ideas for fun activities at home that involve no electronic devices…


Pick a set up in store, or look in your attic for those old kids puzzles. Writer Anne Roderique-Jones traded in TV time with her spouse for some jigsaw puzzle fun, and the result was unexpected. “Once we swapped puzzles for TV, we started eating at our dining table more often,” she said, “and not only do we appreciate each other’s company, but the food that we prepared together.” It also helped them practice patience and allowed them more time for heart-to-heart conversation – what’s not to love?

Painting and Drawing

Even if you think you don’t have any artistic skills, painting and drawing can be a fun bonding time. It doesn’t have to be super technical either – you can substitute canvas with papers, old t-shirts, shoes, or even furniture pieces! It’s a great way to add personal touch to your living space.


Fun time for everyone in the household! Prepare something that can be easily customised, such as cookies. Recruit everyone’s help in the kitchen, be it for decorating cake, mixing dough, cutting ingredients and more. The more cooks, the merrier! “While we’re bonding over our creations, the kids are learning life skills such as how to plan meals, follow recipes and prepare food from scratch,” Aviva Goldfarb wrote on the Washington Post. “And I’m learning important lessons such as letting go of control, opening my mind and not stressing about how much sodium is in [my son] Solomon’s yummy slow-cooker Buffalo chicken sandwiches.”