Ideas: Bookshelf Organising Tips

Bookshelves – almost every house has them. Organising and styling your bookshelves can truly add character and improve the mood of the room, making reading and working more enjoyable. Don’t know where to begin? Here are a few tips and inspirations to get you started…

Decide on a Theme


Look around the room, and then focus on how the bookshelves can complement the interior design. Decide on whether you want to pick similar or contrasting colors, style and textures. The theme you choose will determine the way you’re organising your books as well as the accessories to suit them.


Organise the Books (and Make Space)

Source: @sweetbookobsession

Organise the books based on whichever way you prefer: chronology, genre, colour, size, alphabet or even randomly! But whichever way you choose, don’t forget to make space between the books for accessories and personal mementos.


Add Small Storage Units

bookshelf storage
Source: Lovethispic

Need to organise stationaries and/or paper? Add in boxes, baskets or desk organisers to allow more storage space and visually anchor the bookshelf.


Layer with the Extras

Source: Laura Trevey

Get all your desired accessories out – ornaments, artworks, vases, bookends… Keep in mind the theme that you had chosen earlier to ensure the coherence and balance of the aesthetics.