Ideas: Invitation Cards

Whatever the occasion is – whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or a small reunion – a physical invitation card can help extend your warm welcome in a more personal way than a simple Facebook event. You can also play around with the design and express your inner artist through customisation. Here are a few design inspirations to get you started…


Source: Artifact Uprising

Minimalism is always a fail-safe plan. Opt for simple, non-cursive fonts and a palette with a maximum of five colours.


Nature by the Border

Source: Paperless Post

Illustrations and/or pictures of flowers, trees and leaves are guaranteed to make your invitations prettier.


Watercolour Background

Source: Emily Rollings

Backgrounds don’t always have to be solid. With watercolour effect, you can explore various gradations and opacity levels of the same colour tone.


Novelty Shapes

Source: Wedding Options

Challenge the conventions – try out different shapes, or put the invites in an unexpected format (e.g. movie tickets, passports, chocolate wrappings, or even vinyl discs!).


Pop Culture References

Source: Deanne M Roz

With pop culture references, the limit is the sky. You can create a replica of a Hogwarts letter, make a card shaped like Dr Who’s telephone box, or design a front cover featuring your favourite Office character.


Pop-Up Cards

Source: Hiroko / Facebook

Have more budget and/or time? Make it an invitation to remember by investing in fold designs or laser cuts.