Ideas: Tips to Organise Your Wardrobe

All of our fashion problems –having nothing to wear, clothes breaking down too quickly, failing to ever use that bag you bought two years ago– share the same root: messy, disorganised wardrobe. With the right wardrobe organisation, not only can you find things more quickly and easily, but you can also ensure that your clothes will be more long-lasting.

Here are a few tips to organise your wardrobe better.

  1. Store things based on categories

Put your clothing within categories (shirts, pants, skirts) and sub-categories (long-sleeves, midi-length) to make it easier to find things, InStyle recommends.

  1. Shelf things based on use

Store your most-used things on eye-level, less-used ones on hip-level and under, and out-of-season items up high.

  1. Mount a pegboard for accessories with high use

A pegboard on your closet doors will accelerate your dressing up time and make the experience more fun.

  1. Use shelf dividers

Other than making things easier to find by category, shelf dividers could also help you capitalise every inch of space and prevent small things from slipping up or tangling with each other.

  1. Add hooks to hang things

Mounting hooks to your wardrobe will help wardrobe staples like bags, hats, and belts keep their forms.

  1. Use hangers strategically

Don’t crumple up your blazers and dresses – hangers will help them stay in shape longer. InStyle also suggests using different types of hangers for different clothings – padded for delicate tops, notched for clothes with small, thin straps, and velvet for slippery materials such as silk.

  1. Declutter

Wondering what to do with those items you never wear in the past 16 months? Recycle, sell or donate them!