Inspiration: Open Kitchen Shelving

Interested in doing a kitchen makeover? One of the best ideas to consider is doing away with cabinets and opting for open shelves instead. Not only does it bring a fresh and open look, but it also creates greater access to tools and servewares, allows more space for movement, and reduces the problems of dust, grimes and mould.

Still not convinced? Check out the following pictures for your inspiration…

Pantry Heaven

Source: The Vintage Wren

No food will ever be out of sight, out of mind anymore – open shelving will remind you to consume the ingredients before they turn bad.

Layer It Up

open shelving layer
Source: @alexisreneesassard / Instagram

Stack the shelves in multiple rows for a streamlined look and more storage space.


Source: Anna Phillips / The House Directory

Put your woodworking skills to test by making your own open shelves and cupboards! This will give a personal touch to your house like no other.

Green is Good

Source: Alvhemmakleri / Red Online

Open shelving provides more opportunity to incorporate plants in the kitchen, which make for great decorations and health-improving addition to the house. Want more functionality? Consider edible plants that can be grown indoors, such as rosemary or basil.

Over the Bar

bar shelf
Source: Digsdigs

Putting a hanging shelf over the bar table will not only give a fancy, industrial look, but it will also allow you to entertain your guests in a quicker, more accessible way.