Pressed Flower

DIY: Flower Pressing

Flowers are not forever, but there’s a way to make their beauty last longer – by pressing them. Pressed flowers are great for bookmarks, invitation cards, or simply a coffee table decoration for that extra aesthetic.

Here are two easy ways to press your own flowers.


  • Using flat flowers is recommendable for easier pressing. If you want to use thick flowers like roses or chrysanthemums, cut them in the middle with scissors.
  • Make sure that all or most of the petals are spread out rather than stacking on top of each other.

With a Book

  1. Place the flower between two pieces of paper, and place them in the middle of the book.
  2. Use more books, or perhaps a brick, to weigh down the book once it is closed. Be sure not to disturb the arrangement of the flowers upon closing.
  3. Change the blotter sheets every few days here as well. After two to three weeks, the flowers will be completely dry. When removing, use a pair of tweezers, or very carefully use your fingers to make sure it doesn’t break.

With an Iron

  1. Lay a sheet of paper down on your ironing board. Place flowers on top and cover with another sheet of paper. Top with a heavy hardcover book. Try not to slide the book as this may damage the flowers. Push down on the book and wait 2-3-minutes.
  2. Remove book, but keep flowers in the paper. Remove any water from iron if it’s a steamer kind. Set the iron to the lowest heat setting (or dry, if your iron has it).
  3. Place iron down on paper and press. Hold for 10 seconds and remove, and repeat this process across the sheet. Do not drag across like you do on clothing as this will damage both your flowers and your paper. Remove flowers slowly to prevent tearing and set aside on another clean sheet of paper.