DIY: How To Sew Your Own Cushion Cover

Does your living room couch need a little TLC? Try adding a personalized touch to your home by sewing your own cushion covers. They’re cost-effective, unique, add a sweet detail to your living room space and they are also a great conversation starter when you’re inviting friends over. Woman’s Weekly shows us how to revamp your cushion covers with a simple tutorial:

Things you’ll need:
– Fabric Scissors
– Pins
– Needle and thread
– Fabric of your choice (2m)

1. Measure your cushion pad (or check size on label) and add 3cm to each measurement to allow for 1.5cm seam allowances. Using a ruler, set square and dressmakers’ chalk pencil, mark out this area on your fabric, once for the cushion front and again, for the back. If you want to centre a pattern or motif, or cut lots of cushion pieces, make a pattern from tracing paper, position on your fabric and draw round. Cut out pieces and iron.

2. Pin the cushion front and back together with right sides facing and tack 1.5cm in from edges round three sides and four corners, leaving a gap on one side. Machine-stitch close to tacking, reversing for a few stitches to secure thread ends. Remove tacking.

3. On heavier-weight fabrics, such as velvets, clip across the corners to remove bulk. Alternatively, to give sharp, slightly padded corners on lightweight fabrics, fold the double seam allowance down on both sides, pressing along stitching line, then at top and bottom.

4. Turn cushion cover right side out, press and insert cushion pad. Using a needle and matching thread, slip stitch opening to close.