Ideas: Scrapbooking Aesthetics

Scrapbooking is a great way to keep all your memories in one place. With a bit of creativity, scrapbooks can be a heartfelt present or a beautiful keepsake for yourself. If you’re not sure where to begin or feel uninspired, keep reading for tips to up your scrapbooking game…

  1. Follow some ready-made layouts.
Source: Scrapbooking Coach

If you’re not sure where to put the photographs or the cute stickers, try finding some layouts from the Internet for inspo.


  1. Hand-lettering is never a bad idea.
hand lettering
Source: Luzia Pimpinella

If you have little to no DIY resources, hand-lettering is a great way to both beautify the page and add a personal touch. If you feel like your handwriting is terrible (really?), try copying other fonts.


  1. Use household items.
Source: Jennifer McGuire Ink

Buttons, scrap papers, old maps, threads, washi tapes… the list is endless.


  1. Make use of the nature.
Source: @freepeople / Instagram

Use some old leaves from your backyard, press some flowers, glue some seashells… anything that suits, really.


  1. Get cutting.
Source: Paige Evans / Stamp & Scrapbook Expo

Pattern hole punches can make even the most boring yellow pages interesting. Pick a pattern you like and go from there! Otherwise, you can use a scissor and cut the patterns yourself.


  1. Make a travel scrapbook.
Source: Leena Loh / Your Craft

Talk about the places you’ve been or the cities you want to visit.


  1. Get creative with your pictures.
Source: Hey Little Magpie

Cut them in fancy shapes, arrange them in tabs, give them a fancy border with old papers or tapes.