Ways To Improve Your Office Space

Does the office space in your home look a bit bland? Does it need a little TLC?
Here are some tips to rearrange your office space and getting you more organised at home.

Use Storage
An office can be quite chaotic but by using the right storage compartments you could organise your mess into their designated homes. For your untidy stacks of paper, use pigeon holes or paper trays to sort them out quickly. You can also organise your documents using binders or by using paper/bulldog clips. For your pens, use pen tins, or for a more stylish twist, use acrylic organisers. They are available in places like Muji or Kmart.

Get A Spacious Desk
Even if your room is small, it is always best to invest in a desk that offers a generous size for your workspace. Smaller desks tend to be too claustrophobic and less motivating to work on.

Have Comfortable Seating
The ergonomics of your chair are a big feature in your office. How you sit affects how you work and it’s important to prioritise comfort and your posture above everything else. Consider using chairs with great back support and allows less strain on your back or neck.

Have a Theme
The rule of thumb with any interior design is to always follow a theme. Have a colour palette in mind. A primary colour (we don’t mean, red or yellow) – but a main hero colour for your room and contrast it with a secondary or complementary colour that will create accents for your overall room design. For example, if your room was grey or white, you could use touches of rose gold to contrast with the neutral tones of the white. This will keep your room fresh without making it busy.