Ideas: Mood-Boosting House Hacks

When life gets you down, house should be a safe space where you can rest and heal. Your house environment can greatly impact on your mood – if you’d like a more uplifting and mood-bosting living area, try out some of these hacks.

Light It Up

Dim rooms call for gloomy moods. Open up your blinds/curtains during the day, and invest in some soft, warm lightbulbs for the nighttime. You can also try out novelty night lights such as star projectors, moon lamps, and glow-in-the-dark stickers.


Get Green

House plants have been scientifically proven to not only remove dangerous substances from the air, but also help improve your wellbeing by reducing stress, depression and fatigue. Many indoor plants – such as succulents, ivy, and mother’s tongue – are resilient and easy to maintain, even for beginners.


Add Colours

Colours are a great tool to shift your mood. Blue and soft green have soothing effect, making them more suitable for bedroom and bathroom, while bright, warm colours such as red and orange are more stimulating and uplifting for living room and kitchen.


Clean Regularly

It might not sound fun, but making cleaning a habit is beneficial for your health and wellbeing. Not only will it improve the house’s hygiene, but being in a well-cared, immaculate space will also get you in the right headspace. Regular cleanup also helps limit the amount of clutter, giving you more space to breathe and move.


Add Special Decorations

Have a favourite artwork, pictures with beloved family and friends, trophies, or simply fancy candles that you just bought? Don’t hesitate to put them out, so that you will always have the sight of things you love and feel good about. Accordingly, remove the ones that do not (or no longer) bring you joy, such as gifts from a former partner.