Ideas: Ways to Upgrade Your Furniture

Have some old furniture items that are functional but getting out of style? Don’t toss them out just yet – you can make them feel brand new again with just a few tricks! Read on these tips to find out how you can turn grandma’s paraphernalia into your very own fittings.

Spray Paint

Spray painting is easy, and can give a fresh look to everything from old knobs to dressing tables. Match the paint with the room’s theme – complementary tones for a more cohesive look, or contrasting colours for an eccentric feel.


Change the Legs and Knobs

God is in the details. More often than not, the knobs and legs are what gives away a furniture’s age. Change them up with a more modern alternative – ones with geometric shapes or monochromatic colour, for example!


Add Stencil

Stencilled furniture is the trend these days, and for a good reason, too. It goes on everything – from cabinets and cupboards to bedside lamps and tables.


Decoupage or Wallappaer

Use patterned contact papers or wallpapers to give your old furniture a new breath of life.


Mount to the Walls

Mounting your furniture to the walls can provide you with more space and refresh your room. Try it with your lamps, bookshelves, framed pictures and many more!



Refinish or stain your wood furniture with products you can find in the store, such as sander and wood stain oil.