Trendy Home Decorating Tips 2016

Let’s be real, we all want our homes to look like the ones we see on Pinterest. But how do we emulate those artisan styled rooms without breaking our budget? We have a few tips that can help you improve your space using the same stylish trends you see on social media.

Keep it minimal
Keep your room simple and elegant. Overdecorating can not only appear messy but it doesn’t leave much room for change and versatility. Don’t clutter your space with too many pieces of furniture or different kinds of ornaments.

Add pot plants and greenery
Turning your indoor space into a little greenhouse seems to be the trend that keeps on growing. By adding a few small pot plants into your home, it will not only freshen up your room, but it will also be a great opportunity for you to start a hobby. Start small and collect mistletoe or rattail cacti, jades, aloe veras or echeverias. For a quirky touch, place your plants in a geometric glass vase. Be sure to keep your plants near areas where there are direct sunlight so your little ones can catch some rays and also don’t forget to water them!

Something old, something new
Thrift shopping is the way to go if you need any eclectic pieces in your room. Go to your local Vinnies and pick up old books and glassware or go to an antique shop for some old paintings.

Wooden furniture
Yes using wooden furniture can be quite “hipster”-looking but it can also create a cosy warm vibe as well. Natural oak or pine is a great look especially against wooden floors.

Rose gold 
From the new release of Apple’s new rose gold iPhone and MacBook laptops to Kylie Jenner’s hair, rose gold is everywhere. Adding touches of rose gold can be chic. These touches can be added by using rose golden tins, photo frames or trinkets displayed against white or wooden tables.

Funky Lighting
Nothing sets the tone of a room more than good lighting. Opt for warmer colours instead of white fluorescent lights. Handy tip: use lamps with adjustable heads and face the lamp shade directly at the ceiling to create a more relaxing atmosphere.