Ideas: Ways to Modify Your Clothes

There are days when we stand in front of a packed wardrobe and think, “I have nothing to wear!” But if you start to feel like this every day, don’t rush to the store yet – you can salvage your clothes by modifying them. Here are a few inspirations to help you out:

  1. Turn an old plain t-shirt into a colourful tie-dye piece.
tie dye
Source: Adventures of a Middle Sister


  1. Give your traditional long skirt a fishtail twist.
fishtail skirt
Source: A Pair & A Spare DIY


  1. Crochet the side of your shirt for a more revealing cut.
Source: Trash to Couture


  1. Your brother’s shirt could be upturned into an off-shoulder dress – who knew?
Source: A Pair & A Spare DIY


  1. Give your jeans a vintage worn-out look in just a few simple steps.
worn out jeans
Source: Alldaychic


  1. Paint your pair of pants (repeat that sentence three times!).
painted pants
Source: Brit + Co


  1. Modify your top into skirt.
Source: Pearls and Scissors


  1. Add pins and patches to your jackets.
Source: @thugnanny_ / Instagram


  1. Braid parts of your t-shirt for an interesting detail.
braid tshirt
Source: Crafting Dreams


  1. While you’re at it, also braid two old t-shirts to make a brand new scarf.
Source: Alldaychic / putapuredukes


Which one will you try this week?