Ideas: Ways to Repurpose Old Cardboards

Wondering what to do with those cardboards sitting in your storage? Well, wonder no more! Cardboards are very versatile and could be used for many different things. Check this list out to see what you can turn those old cardboards into!

  1. Pin Board
pin board
Source: Ann Le / lifeannstyle


  1. Magazine / Folder Holder
magazine holder
Source: Apartment Therapy


  1. Pull Toys
pull toy
Source: Hello, Wonderful


  1. Phone Holder
phone holder
Source: Roie Shalom


  1. Organizer


  1. Cat House
cat house
Source: Creativities


  1. Christmas Tree
Source: Instructables


  1. Hanging Shelves
Source: Paige B. Photography


Which one will you be making this week?